Yacht oar opensimulator

Yacht oar opensim offers extension opensim your area on any opensim or local grid

Islet OAR allows you to build your OpenSimulator Extension area and there immediately.
Just make subsequently give life to your future virtual world and invite your friends are …
This build is for region owners opensim self hosted or online opensim on a grid.
This build is also intended to grid owners or host community manager using similar softawre OpenSimulator a second life.

OAR opensim Mega Yacht to sale

OAR OpenSimulator is the way to restore all of the assets and scripts a landscaped area.

OAR is an archive of content, objects and assets to a furnished area. The buildings, objects, textures of objects and terrain, content and scripts and the terraforming and are restored to your sim.
The OAR is sold in full perms she will create the sim on behalf of the owner of the land, with the rights designers, owners, copies, modifications and transfer.

Avalable on all grids opensim:

Virtual Worlds Grid, OSgrid, Kitely, Metropolis, SimValley, Lost Paradise, Atek Grid, DigiWorldz, InWorldz, AviWorlds,Great Canadian Grid, Virtual Highway, Avination, 3rd Rock Grid, FrancoGrid, ZetaWorlds, Littlefield, Pleasure Island, Island Oasis, A Life Virtual, Craft World, SirinHGpole, DreamNation, Logicamp, Japan Open Grid, GerGrid, ZanGrid, Anettes Welt,OpenSim.ru, Adreans-WorldDorena’s World, YrGrid, Encitra Home Grid, Virtual Life, Nemesis 3D, Spellscape, Tangle Grid,Infinite Grid, Greater Ireland Grid,  Mobius Grid

You can see this OAR on OSGrid or by hypergrid:  hg.osgrid.org:80: Yacht Sale


Yacht OAR to sale:

  • Long=147 metres
  • Larg=23 metres
  • Not move
  • Prims : 3670
  • Full perms
  • OAR: 52,5 Mo
  • For opensim:  256×256

Valued at : 24.99 USD

Introductory offer = 9.99USD

After the payment via paypal, you will be directed to the download link of your digital item (yacht.oar)

In case of difficulty, contact us here : support


Use your opensim.OAR :

Implementation: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Load_Oar

More news: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/OpenSim_Archives

Load Oar Console Command

Once you have saved regions in OAR files, the ‘load oar’ console command will load the OAR file into the current region. There are many parameters that enable replacing the region’s current contents or merging the OAR file’s contents with the objects and terrain already in the region.

Note: As of Opensimulator 0.9.0-dev the ‘load oar’ has changed slightly in order to support more features. Please see the Load Oar 0.9.0+ page.


The load oar command has the format:

load oar [parameters] OARFILE

where “OARFILE” is the path to the OAR file to read in, and “[parameters]” is zero or more optional parameters from the following list:

Parameter Since Description
–merge 0.6.8 Specify to merge the contents of the reading OAR with the existing contents in the region.
–skip-assets 0.6.9 If set, this will not load any of the assets from the OAR, though all other data will be loaded. This saves a lot of time and database operations if loading an OAR multiple times on a grid — specify –skip-assets after the first time the OAR is loaded on a grid as the assets would have already been loaded the first time the OAR files was loaded.
–displacement 0.8 Specify a displacement that is added to all objects in the OAR file as they are added to the region. The displacement MUST be specified as “<x,y,z>”. So, for instance, to load an OAR from a 256×256 region into the middle of a larger 512×512 region, the parameter would be –displacement “<128,128,0>”. Note that you can specify a “Z” displacement which will move the objects up or down. Thus –displacement “<0,0,1000>” will put all the OAR’s objects up high for a sky box.The displacement is also applied to the terrain if it is included. The ‘z’ component is added to the terrain’s heights.
–rotation 0.8 The degrees to rotate all the objects loaded from the OAR.
–rotation-center 0.8 The center around which to rotate objects on load.
–no-objects 0.8 Don’t load any scene objects.
–force-terrain 0.8 Force terrain loading on –merge. Normally, –merge does not overwrite the existing region’s terrain.
–force-parcels 0.8 Force parcel loading on –merge. Normally, –merge does not overwrite the existing region’s parcel data.
–default-user “<first-name> <last-name>” 0.8 Instead of setting object ownership to the estate owner, assign it to the named user. This only applies to objects that have UUIDs that do not match any user account in the receiving grid’s installation. There is currently no option that will force a change of owner for all loaded objects no matter whether they match a user in the receiving installation. One workaround to achieve this would be to save the OAR with the –publish “save oar” option to strip owner information and then reload it.

Notes On Regions of Different Sizes

With the addition of regions that have a size that can be a multiple of 256×256 (i.e. a Varregion) there is the possibility of loading OARs to and from regions of different sizes. In general, loading an OAR from a smaller region into a larger region will do what you expect. Trying to load a larger region into a smaller region will generate many errors although, if you have adjacent smaller regions, some of the objects will be loaded into the adjacent regions. Try at your own risk.

Example Uses

Replacing a region’s contents with what’s in an OAR file

Replacing a region with an OAR file for a region of the same size is as simple as:

load oar NewRegion.oar

Merging together four region’s worth of contents

Say you have four adjacent 256×256 region (‘Region00.oar’, ‘Region01.oar’, …) and you want to load them into a new 512×512 Varregion (‘BiggerRegion’). The commands would be:

change region BiggerRegion

load oar Region0.oar

load oar –merge –force-terrain –displacement <0,256,0> Region01.oar

load oar –merge –force-terrain –displacement <256,0,0> Region10.oar

load oar –merge –force-terrain –displacement <256,256,0> Region11.oar

Loading a 256×256 region’s contents into the middle of a 512×512 sized region

If you have an OAR file for a 256×256 region (‘LegacyRegion.oar’ for instance) and you want to set it into the middle of a 512×512 region with the loaded region rotated by 30 degrees without messing up the rest of the larger region, the command would be:

load oar –merge –force-terrain –force-parcels –displacement <128,128,0> –rotation 30.0 –rotation-center <128,128,0> LegacyRegion.oar